Question & Answers: Student Counselling Service


My child desired to do medicine and had taken up science in grade
XI, but because she missed 3 weeks of school in the beginning and did
not get the support from her teachers, started finding chemistry very
difficult and now does not want to keep medicine as her option
requires studying chem.

We would not mind her not taking a subject she does not like, but her
aptitude tests results reflected greater strength in any medical related

So don’t know if this reactive decision based on an experience of just 3
weeks is right or wrong. She is now going to be moving to an IB school
and has 3 months in her hand to get to learn the subjects from

We need your advice to enable her to find her direction and career path.
If you are offering this counseling service, we would like to meet you
to seek guidance.

Please advice.


Encouragement is the key while being mindful to not be pushy. With enrollment into the IB the student has some extra time to decide which field of study to pursue. This is also an excellent opportunity to ensure that the student has the proper support system at her new program. My advice would be to speak with her teachers and counselors and to ascertain what services would be available to a student who would need extra help, if any. Moving to this new program may even eventually change the student’s opinion regarding chemistry.

It is also advisable to look into summer programs that offer a fun and no pressure environment in which to view chemistry outside the confines of a traditional classroom. Summer, or Pre- College, programs in the US offer students a chance to explore their interests as part of a test drive for their 4 year university studies.

Another option to give thought to is, Psychometric Testing which is computer based testing program offering base line information and facts to work from when considering career and educational options.

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