Question & Answers: Psychometric Test help you know your aptitude


I am a grade 12th student in a cbse school, sharjah my subjects in 12th are physics, chemistry, biology and psychology. I am interested in journalism and is a keen essayist but however it is a hobby till day.

My questions to you are –

1) What are the alternate fields other than main stream medicine in india and how to get admission in them reputed colleges etc.?

2) What is more beneficial a B.Tech or B.Sc in Bio-Technology and what are its aspects. can you name some of the colleges offering a degree in bio-tech?

3) Is it beneficial to do a undergraduate programme in mass media and journalism or is it more beneficial to get a degree after obtaining a degree or diploma in mass media, after a post graduate or my btech or bsc your assistance is seriously required?


I am glad you have asked this question as many students need to explore Allied Health Careers in other terms health related careers. The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals lists over 100 occupational titles which are not physicians, nurses, etc. With increasing numbers of the population growing old these professions are considered to be the growing field and much in demand for the future.

Some of the careers under this are Environmental Health Officer, Anesthesia technician, Pedorthist, Pharmacist, Kinesiotherapist, Bioengineer, Clinical psychologist, Speech and language pathologist, Medical radiation scientist, Dietician, Osteopath, Optometrist, Geriatrics, and so forth.

As each career is different from the other you will need to sit with your college counselor and decide which to explore. For example to work as a Medical Transcriptionist (MT) you need to do a course in transcription technology, medical records technology etc. For Health Inspector the course is available at diploma level in addition you can also study public health administration and management either as a diploma, degree or post graduate level. For a career as a speech therapist you can get a BSc degree or join an institution for speech therapy after either one you will need to specialize for two years in cochlear implants, educational audiology, etc. You need to check if the courses and institution has the Rehabilitation Council of India approval.

Another exciting degree to look into is Drug Design and Discovery which are needed to create drugs for diseases like cancer, diabetics, AIDS etc. Degrees offered in this field are Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery, Drug Design and Mechanisms and or Bimolecular Drug Discovery. These degrees lead to many careers for example, employment in biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries, research institutes, scientific publishing and so forth. This is where you interest in journalism and science could be combined.

B.Tech and B.Sc in Biotechnology is a combination of Biology, engineering, medicine and technology. B.Sc is normally a 3 year degree and B.Tech for four years in India.

A psychometric test would help you decide on which field to study for your undergraduate level.

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