Question & Answers: Part Time Degree


I would like to take your advice regarding my sister’s education, she has completed grade 12 as per British system. In 2001 (11th grade) she did AS Level in Accounting, Business & Mathematics; In 2002 (12th grade) she did A Level in Accounting Advanced Level. That time the minimum requirement for the AS & A level subject was one, so she didn’t take more. Then in May 2011 she completed Edexcel Level 5 BTech Higher National Diploma in Business (total 16 modules). She wants to complete her Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University which is acceptable in Abu Dhabi. She wants to complete it within one year part time, so she can work and finance her education. Please advice and recommend a good university in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Thank you for your query. From your mail, I gather that your sister has completed her Edexcel Level 5 B.tech Higher National Diploma in Business (a total of 16 modules) and she is looking to pursue her bachelor’s in business through a part time option. Many universities in the UAE which are approved and accredited by MOHSER will offer her with an option of completing the bachelor’s degree with part time attendance. This would involve evaluation of subjects that she chose during the HND and calculation of the exact number of subjects she needs to take to finish her bachelors. This is known as credit exemption evaluation. The duration of the course depends upon the subjects she takes per semester, the minimum being 3 and the maximum being 5. The tuition fees and duration depends on the university and the subjects she takes per semester. She may be able to get about 2- 3 semesters off, based on her current qualifications. She needs to apply with her transcripts and course description for the HND and high school transcripts along with her English proficiency test for universities to consider her application. In the UAE, University of Wollongong and Canadian university of Dubai (MOHSER approved) would be able to offer her options in business on a part-time basis

Part Time Degree

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