Question & Answers: MBA in Human Resources


Dear Mr.Verma,

I am currently on maternity break from, however I am an hotelier, have worked with Sheraton, Rotana & Taj hotels for a total span of 8 years altogether, although my experience is for front office & revenue department but now I would like to make my return with human resource department.

I have done MA in International relations from University of Karachi.

Please advise me if I can do MBA in HR from UAE, if yes below are my concerns.

Please advice the institute?

Being a mother of 8 months, is it possible to do evening classes?

Is there institute in UAE also offering distance learning courses in HR field? As I am residing in Fujairah.

Awaiting your reply.



MBA in Human Resources

There are a number of universities in the UAE that offer evening and weekend MBA courses but my worry would be if you would manage to travel the distance with a small baby at home. A good option for you to consider is on line or distance learning programs. I appreciate that you will need to be very regulated and committed to study at home.

There are online recognized MBA’s offering specializations in Human Resource Management, MBA (Employee Relations) specialization helps managers understand on motivating staff, marketing, budgeting, etc. If you have good interpersonal skills then specializing in HR would be a good match and would help in senior HR positions. You would also be studying Employment Law, Employee development, Reward approaches and recruitment and hiring. I also think an MBA gives you courses in different business aspects which lets you have the flexibility to move into a different area of management if you decide later.

Apart from an MBA you might want to explore getting a certificate in Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, etc. Certificate would be shorter and a good option for students with limited time wanting an additional qualification.

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