Question & Answers: MBA and MSc (logistics)


I am currently employed and have 12+ yrs experience in procurement and logistics field. Looking to pursue higher studies and need the advice to choose between. MBA and MSc (logistics) as offered in a reputed university in UAE.  Also, kindly advise which course will help to achieve maximum growth opportunities in future.


The experience you have gained in the field of logistics and procurement will hold you in good stead with your higher studies. Logistics is an important link in the world of business and graduates with specialisation in this field are in great demand, especially in Dubai which has carved a niche for itself as a logistics hub. An MBA in logistics will provide the knowledge and skills for management of resources, people and processes including activities related to purchasing, receiving and handling of goods, shipment, warehousing and supply chain management.

Career in Logistics

In the UAE, the University of Dubai and Middlesex University both offer MBA programs in Logistics and Operations management. If you are keen on exploring MSc programs, then you can consider UOWD that offers an MSc in Logistics management. You can also get this degree at Strathclyde Business School in Dubai or Abu Dhabi where you can pursue it as a part-time course scheduled over weekends and evenings. The university of Liverpool in the UK even offers an online course in Operations and Supply Chain Management with Oil and Gas specialisation.  In addition, Colorado, Technical University and Central Michigan University are good options to pursue as they offer online MBAs with a concentration in Logistics. However be careful as government entities in UAE may not accept an online qualification.

Many students face the dilemma of choosing between an MBA and a Master’s course. A pre-requisite for an MBA is prior work experience as the curriculum is designed to focus on networking, teamwork, peer-learning and communication and your experience will give you the additional advantage of being able to relate to the examples and experiences shared in the classroom. On the flip side, a Masters course will allow you to specialise in your chosen field as opposed to the business-focused core curriculum of an MBA. This can be however be offset by choosing the right major in your MBA program. Due to the increased demand for this course, many international universities now offer specialisation in Logistics in their MBA courses.

While both qualifications have their merits, I would recommend the MBA as in addition to the management skills you will also capitalise on your professional experience. It is also advisable you research companies to understand the industry and role expectations and match them with your long-term goals.

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