Question & Answers: Masters in Engineering


My son is doing his undergraduate degree in civil engineering in ontario canada.After this he wants to pursue meng (Enterprenership and innovation) or masters in transportation or structures Could you please advice list of universities (for masters),streams and career options in these fields.(or if you can advice any other majors he should do masters in?)


Combining technical and business skills is a prudent option and should provide you the competitive edge needed in the corporate world. There is an increasing need for a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to prepare engineers for the economic and global trend of the future. In short, entrepreneurship education can improve your prospects and career choices. Engineers with entrepreneurial skills have been seen to be more competent and proficient. The conventional areas of specialization in this field are Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Urban Planning, Coastal and Ocean Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.

This combination could be pursued either as engineering management or engineering entrepreneurship. McMaster University offers a Master’s in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation that offers a unique combination of engineering enterprise project, entrepreneurship & innovation skills development modules and advanced engineering studies. At the University of Calgary you can opt for a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (MEED) that can be taken along with the Engineering program. If you wish to pursue a course in Engineering Management, you could consider University of Ottawa or University of Waterloo.

The University of Toronto, amongst the best for Civil Engineering, offers an MEng program that includes a combination of technical, leadership and business skills. In addition to the MEng, students can complete a course on Entrepreneurship Leadership Innovation Technology in Engineering (ELITE). It is also possible for students to do this course on its own (i.e., without pursuing the MEng degree) and receive a certificate.

Regarding the other specializations University of Waterloo and University of Calgary are good options and offer graduate programs in Transportation Engineering as well as Structures. At UBC the Transportation Engineering program offers research opportunities apart from excellent facilities such as the UBC Drivers Simulation Laboratory.

With a continuous growth in infrastructure projects the job prospects for civil engineers is expected to be higher than the average for the next five years. To improve your career prospects try to get job experience through internships or coop programs.

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