Question & Answers: IB Diploma


My son would like to change from CBSE to IB as he would like to do medicine. He has done his 11th grade (CBSE) in commerce as he was given the commerce stream by the school. I would like to know whether IB diploma (in experimental sciences) is equivalent to CBSE 10+2 and will he get admission in any medical schools in India with this diploma(considering only his grade 10 CBSE results).

Please help me choose.
Thank you


A personal favorite, the IB diploma program or IBDP is a rigorous two year program that offers a wide variety of courses created to meet the interests and requirements of different students. In addition to the core subjects the curriculum comprises of three additional and unique components- Theory of knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and engagement in Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). It is these components that make it different from the other high school curriculum. Students can study the program at different levels (higher level and standard level)

IB Diploma in Experimental Sciences

Though formally recognized by the Association of Indian Universities to be equivalent to the CBSE, the IB Diploma in my view is definitely more rigorous and demanding than other high school curriculum. The IBDP is recognized internationally as a curriculum that is application-based and is aimed at the holistic development of an individual. It is definitely more challenging than the CBSE and other boards and is well-known for the rigor of the curriculum and its aim of preparing students successfully for higher education.

Therefore, colleges and universities not just in India but around the world welcome students with the IB diploma. Moreover, successful IB diploma students may be offered credit (particularly for high level courses) for first year university courses in Canada and the USA . Some universities also offer scholarships to IB diploma holders. The IB program encourages students to have strong work ethic, good time management and study skills – all of which will help your son not just during the program but his future career as well.

Practically there are a couple of points which need reflection:

– In India for medicine the student should do all three sciences – physics, chemistry and biology. The manner in which the IB curriculum is structured allows students to study only two sciences. There are a few IB schools in India that have permission to offer all three science subjects.

– The results of the IB exams are released sometime in July which is too late to get admission into most Indian Universities.

– If you have any college you are interested in I would suggest you contact them and understand the entry requirements.

I hope this answers your questions.

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