Question & Answers: Game Development


Respected sir,
My son is currently studying Class XI in the CBSE curriculum. He is interested in pursuing a course in video game development. I suppose he will first have to do his Engg in Computer Sciences? If that’s the case, should the first try BE in India, after which he can try in the USA/UK for masters in game development? Or should he go straight to the USA, where, I understand, undergraduate courses are also available? What is your view on the one-year intensive training for IIT available in India? We hail from Andhra Pradesh.He scored 92% in CBSE, class X. Please advise.


Technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives nowadays and this has brought about an explosive growth and transformation in the field of game development.From entertainment to its use in education, training and simulation –game development, undoubtedly, is serious business these days.

There are four main sections in this profession: Design, Artistic, Programming and Testing. Designing involves the creation of the game concepts and elements and requires a range of skills such as design, management, scheduling, research and good knowledge of all aspects of the game. Designers also need to be able to document their vision and communicate it to other members of the project team. The creation of images, music and sound are then produced by the artistic team followed by the creation of the software for the game by the programming team. This part forms the main component of the entire process and some of the many job roles within this field are Lead Programmer, Action Scripter, Software Engineer, Information Architect, A.I. Programmer, Middleware/ Tools Programmer, Graphics Programmer etc. And finally, porting and testing for errors is carried out by the testing team.

Whether one should pursue an engineering degree in computer science or a game-specific degree would depend on how keen you are in pursuing this field of study. A computer science degree will give you a well-rounded education that covers a wide range of topics that will pay off in the long run while a game-focused degree will give you head-start in your career by providing you with the specific knowledge, skills and contacts to get your foot in the door in this competitive field.

Though there is huge potential for gaming development in India, the US is still your best bet to obtain a solid foundation in this field. Some of the popular universities for the course are UC Irvine, Digipen Institute of Technology, University of Utah, Drexel University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Full Sail University.

Drexel University offers the Digital Media Program with the Game Art & Production Major and also a Computer Science Major with a concentration in Game Programming and Development. With excellent coop opportunities, this will give you the much-needed hands-on experience of working in a studio and connecting with professional while you are studying.

Full Sail University is a niche school for courses on media and entertainment. In fact, Full Sail’s game school offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in game development.

If you are keen on studying in India, it is worth exploring courses offered by DSK Supinfogame in this field. One of the first of its kind in India, the institute offers a hands-on practical approach along with classroom sessions.

As this is a technology-based course, it is important that you choose a university that provides the required facilities, work experience and opportunities to work with professionals in the industry. Engineering degree or a game-specific course? – You have to make that choice depending on your interest and career goals.

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