Question & Answers: Engineering in Mechatronics


I am a student from Grade 10 and would like to know what is Mechatronics and what i will have to do if i want to pursue it as my career. Please suggest some colleges in India and abroad as well.” I hope you will do the needful.

Thanking you


Take Mechanical engineering, Electric and Electronic engineering and Computer engineering, put them all together- and voila! What you have is a dynamic and exciting science that provides methods for designing complex products involving an intelligent combination of mechanical, electronic and software based solutions. In simple words its is hi tech manufacturing,

Even though an industrial robot is a prime example of a mechatronics system – it includes aspects of electronics, mechanics, and computing to do its day-to-day work we should not consider the creating of robot as the end goal of a mechatronics engineer. The skills acquired while studying this integrated stream allows one to apply them in a variety of industries with applications ranging from car-lock systems to artificial intelligence. This program provides a multi-disciplinary education which gives a student an edge over other engineering students. Classes usually include subjects such as engineering mathematics, mechanical design, electronics and communication, circuits and systems, power engineering thermodynamics and robotics.

Industrial applications and processes are becoming increasingly multidisciplinary requiring engineers and technicians to develop skills in a variety of disciplines ranging from mechanical to electric to computing to software to electronics to communication. Mechatronics courses combine various disciplines to teach students a holistic approach to developing solutions for engineering applications

Many existing jobs categories currently or will soon require Mechatronics skills and problem solving abilities. Career opportunities for a mechatronics engineer are vast and diverse as a degree in this versatile branch would qualify one to work in mechanical, electrical, computer industries. Some of the emerging fields where mechatronics engineers are in demand are automotive, bio-engineering, robotics and renewable energy. A mechtronics engineer is qualified to apply for jobs advertised under different titles such as Electro-mechanical engineer, Maintenance engineer, Systems engineer etc. One of the ways to enhance your knowledge and experience is to take up internship opportunities or enroll in a graduate training program.

Manipal University, offers a BTech in Mechatronics at both their campuses i.e in Dubai and in India. Other Universities in India in addition to the IITs and Regional Engineering Colleges that offer this program would include SRM in Chennai and Kumaraguru College, Coimbatore. In the UK there are a plethora of Universities including Leeds, Glasgow, Sussex and Liverpool,etc that offer this course.

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