Question & Answers: Degree in Aeronautics or Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


I have recently completed my 12th grade with PCM; I am keen to choose my career with aviation industry. But I am confused between AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) and aeronautics. Please help me out to choose a better option. And suggest me some good colleges preferably in UAE & India.

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One of the distinguishing factors between the two is that while courses related to aeronautics can be completed as degree programs, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is basically a license-based course.

An aeronautical engineering course involves the study of the design, structure, aerodynamics, systems and operations related to aeronautics. The role is focused on enhancing high-quality flight safety and standards as well as reducing system costs.

Degree in Aeronautics or Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Increasingly, the role addresses the environmental impact of air travel. There is a good scope for growth in this stream and allows you to specialize in various fields related to aeronautics. One can pursue a course in this subject from the any of the IITs in India as well as institutes such as the Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (Dehradun), Hindustan Inst of Engineering, Chennai, Nehru College of Aeronautical and Applied Sciences, Coimbatore Punjab engineering College, Chandigarh. You would need to sit for the Joint Entrance exams to get gain admission.

Those who have passed the Associate membership exam conducted by ASI (Aeronautical Society of India), which is at par with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, can also become aeronautical engineers. High school graduates with Physics, Chemistry and Math’s are eligible to apply to ASI.

In the UAE, you could look at Emirates Aviation College or Abu Dhabi aviation that offer various levels of courses related to this field.

Aircraft maintenance engineering, as the name suggests, is a course that provides knowledge, information and skills required for carrying out aircraft maintenance. The course involves theory as well as a lot of practical exposure in the form of apprenticeships, workshops etc AME is not only a lucrative career option but is also in great demand all over the world as it is a highly skill-based role. However, the courses and the requirements for obtaining a license to practice the profession vary by country.

If you are looking at pursuing this course in India, you have to complete a course in AME at DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) approved institutes. You will be eligible for a direct entry into the course as you have completed your 12th grade with the necessary subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Math’s. Some of the prominent institutes that offer this license-based course in India are:

Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science Sonari Aerodrome, Jamshedpur

Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science, Kolkata

Indian Institutes of Aeronautics, New Delhi

In the UAE, the Emirates aviation college offers a three-year course in AME that has been designed to meet the UAE GCAA Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license requirements.

You should explore options for this course in the UK and Canada as well.

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