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I am a Grade 11 student in Sharjah and have taken commerce with informatics as my main subject. I would like to take up C.A or I.T as my career in future.I need the information on universities that offer these courses in the U.A.E and Abroad(LONDON, U.S.A).If any other fields are also equally challenging, please let me know. Thanks.


It is now possible to pursue your Chartered Accountancy by geeing enrolled with an approved accountancy firm in UAE. You can pursue the CA qualification and bachelor’s degree simultaneously. The ICAI has an office in Knowledge Village, Dubai and I suggest you meet them to get more information on approved firms, exams, permission to pursue bachelor’s degree etc.

In the UK, accountancy is a 3-year program. Universities such as Oxford Brookes, Lancaster, Bristol and York offer BSc in Accountancy. The entry requirements are specific to the universities and can be found out with a little research. Once again to pursue CA you would need to enroll for articles with an approved firm of Accountants. The program at Oxford Brookes is designed to dovetail into an ACCA. Qualification.

In India it is now possible to pursue a five year integrated program which includes a bachelor’s degree, articles with an eligible firm, a CA and CPA qualification, with the option to study ICWA. The integrated course has the unique benefit to bestow both domestic and international professional qualifications making it extremely easy to cross borders for employment.

Renowned accountancy programs in the US include departments in Ohio University, University of Pennsylvania and UT – Austin. Like most other degrees in America, it is a 4-year program. Entry requirements vary due to the nature of college applications in the US, but generally SAT and a background such as yours are favorable.

In the USA, nearly all colleges offer degrees in fields related to computer science. Carnegie Mellon, MIT and California Institute of Technology are the most prestigious. Other institutions with renowned programs in IT include SUNY, Rutgers and Ohio University. All these colleges offer programs in computer science, as well as in related fields tying IT to media or management. Do not worry if you feel you do not have the technical know-how to study these courses, they are designed for newcomers as well.

In UAE most Universities including Murdoch, UOWD, Herriot Watt, CUD offer programs in Computer sciences, computer applications and IT related subjects.

To decide on the program you would like to pursue I suggest you do a psychometric test to match your skills and passion and then take an informed decision on your career path.

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