Question & Answers: Career in the Renewable Energy Sector


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your work on the Friday magazine. I am a regular reader for your column and I would like to get some advice from you. I have an undergraduate in B.E (Electric & Electronics) and postgraduate certificate in Petroleum Engineering. I want to pursue my career in Renewable Energy Sector considering the market conditions I the oil and gas industry. There are few universities in Western Australia that provide this course. What I would like to know is pursuing a career in renewable energy a better choice under the current market conditions and are there any other universities that provide better tutoring and campus placements…


With the rising growth and interest of the renewable energy sector, this is definitely the course of the future apart from the fact that the green energy sector flourished even during the recession. There is a need for more qualified and trained professionals in this industry.

Career in Renewable Energy

Companies have realised that green energy is not only good for the environment but also helps profits.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in this topic. Courses will include information on wind, solar, hydro & geothermal, bio energy, wave, tidal as well as other emerging sources of renewable energy. Though Australia is a popular destination for these courses, there are many universities in the UK, US and Canada that offer these at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. You will need to look for an accredited course carefully.

Job opportunities are plenty and steadily rising in each of these fields and in the US it is one of the fastest growing segments. As the industry is very complex there are a number of jobs for many professionals and you don’t really need specific renewable energy degrees. To do specific work like solar panel installer, wind technician, etc you need a specialised degree.

Some of the terms/courses related to renewable energy are elaborated below:

Bio energy technology: Involves the study of the fundamental chemical and physical processes in converting biomass to bio energy. Also deals with the current and emerging technology solutions for accessing, storing and utilising bio energy.

Wind energy: Understanding the use of wind turbine technologies to harness wind energy to more useful forms of energy.

Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is the energy generated and stored in the Earth. The course involves the study of geothermal energy and also the design and installation of geothermal heat pump systems for homes and buildings.

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