Question & Answers: Career in Hospital Management


I am currently working as a Bsc male nurse in a private hospital. I would like to pursue a career in hospital administration but the course i wish to apply is not available anywhere in U.A.E. I have found many websites offering online courses but am confused regarding the scope of online course against full time courses. I would like to know whether MBA in hospital management is better compared to MHA and also scope of online courses. Would earning a degree in this improve my job opportunities in this region?


Wanting a career in hospital management gives you many options when you look for degrees. As you have said there is Master of Health Administration (MHA), MBA and or the Master of Science (MS). Each of these degrees can help you as a hospital administrator.

Hospital Management

Let’s talk about each of these degrees – Master of Health Administration in Hospital Management (MHA) seems a good choice as you already have experience working as a nurse if you want to work in a leadership role. The degree will concentrate on the administration of a hospital and will have courses on human resource management, policies, ethics, operations, clinical administration, finance, etc. Master of Business Administration in Hospital Management (MBA) lays more emphasis on the business/management side of hospitals and they have a quite a few courses on accounting and finance. The MBA qualification would get you less knowledge about hospital operations and procedures but more information on how to manage a hospital also providing you the flexibility to move to another industry, if required. You could also consider a dual degree if you can manage it. Master of Science in Hospital Management (MS) has many courses like the MHA but with an MS you can specialize in marketing or quality control.

To decide between online versus full time studies would depend on many factors. The most important, I think is whether you can take a couple of years off from your job. In UK most Master’s degree can be completed in one year, while in USA it normally takes two years. Many online courses are not recognized by the UAE government which could pose a problem for you when applying for jobs. Hospital Management is a growing field and one of the top ten fastest growing professions in a recent US survey. With an ageing population all over the world and with emphasis on quality of healthcare there is tremendous scope in this area.

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