Question & Answers: Career in Environmental Studies


Hello Sir,

I am grade-12 student with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English and Physical Education as my main subjects. My interests towards my further studies are not the usual “Engineering” or “Medicine”, my interest is towards- “Environmental studies”(not environmental engineering) which include-environmental law, ecology, climate-change etc. main. I want to know what my future career options are and I would like to know the best place to study.


Subjects like environmental studies are fast gaining popularity around the world because of global issues such as climate change and global warming and therefore, offer plenty of scope for research. However, a degree in environmental studies alone allows you to specialize in a variety of subjects such as climate change, sustainable resource management, emissions reduction, pollution control, renewable energy etc. leading to different careers depending on your interest. Some of the careers that would be related to your degree are:

Environmental manager : Involves managing the environmental performance of an organization. It includes training employees to enable them to contribute to the overall environmental performance of the organization.

Environmental consultant : Provides expertise in areas such as water pollution, air and land pollution, environmental audit, environmental assessment, waste management etc.

Environmental education officer – Improves awareness of environmental issues and provides education and support to the community on these issues through school visits, community talks etc.

Recycling officer – Provides expertise on management of recycling issues and develops and monitors the local environmental policy on waste reduction.

Water quality scientist – Monitors quality to set targets and standards derived from complex legislation to safeguard all aspects of water quality.

Environmental health practitioner – Involves developing and implementing public health policies.

Career in Environmental Studies

These are just a few of the options available to you in terms of careers- there are many other jobs related to the environment, particularly research.

Courses in environmental studies are available in universities including Australia, US and Canada. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental science will have greater focus on subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics and earth science, while the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies focuses more on the nature of environmental issues and the social problems involved. These generally range from 2-4 years depending on the type of course and where you study.

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