Question & Answers: Career in a Creative field


I am a student studying in grade 12th, commerce without maths. I have written aptitude test, and have got the highest in CREATIVITY .

Can you tell me what the careers are related to this field? I also want to go for interior designing. Will I get a degree or a diploma in this field?? Should I opt for some careers related to commerce itself!!! I m totally confused please help me.


Dear Grade 12 student,

Congratulations on your scores. With creativity being your strength the list of careers you can choose is virtually endless. From fashion design, event management, gaming design, graphic design, journalism, mass communication, animation, film direction, law, interior design the list can just go on.

The last 2 decades saw almost all major cities around the world opening schools or programs that cater to interior design as a profession. In 2011, there are at least a thousand schools that offer interior design worldwide, and choosing the best one can be hard.

Career in Interior Designing

Some of the better known names for studying Interior Design would include Lornezo de Medici, Florence Design Academy, Interior Design Academy – London, IAAD – Torino, Visual Arts College – Vancouver, Fashion Institute of Technology -SUNY, NYIT- Old Westbury, and University of California – Berkley.

In the UK, University of Northumbria’s three year program is one of the most creative allowing students to grow in many different areas of Interior Design. Other notable schools would University of Dundee, Birmingham Institute of Design and Leeds University, etc.

To capitalize on your creative skills, it may worth considering a double degree in Arts and Commerce, a highly sought after combination by many employers.

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