Question & Answers: Business Analyst


Dear Sanjeev Verma,

I am working as Prorator with an Airline; I want to change my profession and like to work as a Business Analyst. Could you please give advice, what are the pre-requisites can be for becoming a Business Analyst? Is there any institute in Dubai or in Northern India who can provide the training for becoming Business Analyst. If Possible could you please advise if there are good institutes in Northern India near Delhi. Actually I am confuse how to work out for becoming a business analyst without compromising on Job?


A Business Analyst (BA) organizes and analyses organizations and must understand the business problems to communicate and suggest requirements for changes in the business process and policies. BA’s are not project managers as they are responsible for managing the business solution not implementing it. You will find BA’s in a wide range of industries with different job titles.

Career as Business Analyst

Keeping that in mind you will need soft skills along with degrees. Computer Science and information degrees, Systems Analysis, Business Communications, Accountancy or a MBA should be considered.

You can become a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) through an accredited institution. Certificate courses in UAE are available at the International Institute for Learning (IIL) Middle East, Institute of International Research (IIR). The IIL also has online courses.

Certificate courses in Northern India are available with the School of Analytics, Delhi. I would advise you to explore all the courses and see if they are endorsed courses and see which meets your requirements.

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