Question & Answers: Bachelors in Science


Our daughter is expecting to complete her Grade 12 (A levels) this June. Please advise what options are available for her to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Science in Biology, Bio Chemistry or Bio Technology. She wishes to continue with British Curriculum which presents her with a three year degree course as opposed to American Curriculum which is four years.

Kindly advice on studying opportunities preferably in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai.


Bachelors in Science

At the outset I think it is important to know what each discipline you have mentioned entails. Biochemistry includes sciences of molecular biology, immunochemistry, neurochemistry, biophysical chemistry, etc. Biochemistry may be applied to medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine. Scientists research on developing more sources of nutritious foods and how to extract nutrients from waste products. Some other areas scientists are working in are ways to prolong the shelf life of food products, studying how herbicides interact with plants, studying diagnosis and therapy of disease and health.

Biotechnology is the use of organisms to create products. It is used to learn about diseases and help with the development of medicines. We now use it in DNA and gene related studies and to discover new things about the basis of life.

Having pursued the British curriculum it would be relatively simple for your daughter to gain admission in UK and the options she gets there are far higher than available locally. The decision to study in U.A.E or go overseas is not only an academic decision but a holistic decision influenced by various non academic factors including cost, career prospects and family ties.

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