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Question & Answers: ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accounts)


I am 16 years old and I study in grade 11. I have taken Commerce with Marketing and I want to do ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accounts). What do I do after 12th to do ACCA and what are the qualifications. I want to study in the UK after 12th to do ACCA.


Association of Chartered Certified Accounts

A good time to start your ACCA is on completion of your high school. You would need at least a 75% in your CBSE which should include Mathematics and English. As an international student, there is a requirement for an English qualification which could be an IELTS score of overall 6.5 with a minimum in 6.0 in writing or equivalent. You would be eligible for exemptions from these tests if you have consistently studied in the English language and obtained at least 80% on a secondary school certificate or in your 12th grade. Additionally, a good idea would be to register as a student with the ACCA as the membership allows you to receive the Student Accountant magazine and practical online support. I suggest that you enrol as soon as you receive your results.

Some of the universities that the ACCA support in the UK is London School of Business & Finance, University of Brighton, BPP University College among many others. Other service providers would include FTMS Global which has campuses in India, Malaysia and Singapore,

The duration for the ACCA is usually for 24-30 months and you would need to submit a research project on completion of the professional qualification. In essence, there are 14 professional examinations that are required to be appeared on a fundamental and professional level alongside three years of relevant work experience in accountancy under supervision. On completion of this, you will qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant

ACCA has a unique collaboration with Oxford Brookes University and the ACCA students are offered an exclusive degree BSc (Honors) Applied Accounting. This degree has been jointly designed by ACCA and the University to meet both the requirements of a degree and also a professional qualification. When a student enrols with ACCA, he automatically gets registered for the Oxford Brookes University degree. On completion of 9 modules of the ACCA’s professional examinations, a student has the option of submitting a “Research and Analysis Project” to OBU which will be assessed by the University Business School. On successful completion, the student will be granted the Bachelors (Honors) Degree and would have deemed to successfully cleared his/her ACCA exams.

Students completing the ACCA would develop a range of skills with an in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, management techniques and IT enabling them to work in any area of finance. Employers in this field would look for a combination of values, strengths and skills. You would need a genuine interest in the accountancy sector with an analytical logical approach to work. The qualification is well recognised within the Commonwealth countries though I believe it still plays second fiddle to Chartered Accountancy in India.

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