Question & Answers: A Career in Special Education


I am a Special Educator who is hoping to continue further education in the field of Special education. I have done my Bachelors in Physiotherapy and Teaching children with Dyslexia. I have been working with disabled children for 12 years. I want to do my Masters in Child Psychology or Masters in Early Child hood Development or Intervention or Masters in Counseling.

I have approached few places in UAE and they are very highly Expensive and so now i am writing to you to find if there are any Online Distance learning Course from India on these topics. I also contacted IGNOU but they are asking for Entrance Exams.


A Master’s degree in early childhood development will equip you with the knowledge of child psychology and development that will open up new opportunities in the field of teaching, educational administration, curriculum development and research. As you already possess considerable experience in this field, you should explore research-based postgraduate courses.

Masters in Child Physiology

A research-oriented master’s course will not only expand your understanding of this subject but also help you use the research to address specific problems.  This will in combination with your experience provide continued professional development and enhance your ability to work with children in varied environments. Some universities also offer dissertation opportunities in schools, nurseries, community education centres, special needs units and child protection. The roles that you will be able to take up with this invaluable practical experience include that of a counselor, child advocate, social worker, parent advisor etc.

The other course that is relevant to your experience and academic goals is the MSW (Master in Social Work – counseling) which requires a bachelor’s degree and no entrance exams. The program focuses on counseling not just at the individual level but also at organizational and community level.  With this degree you can find employment opportunities for counseling in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals, corporate sectors, family courts, rehabilitation centres, private practices, child care and health centres.

Distance learning options from Indian Universities would include KR Mangalam Institute of Management (counseling psychology), Tamil Nadu Open University (MSc Psychology) and Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences (Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling)

I don’t think you should limit yourself to programs from India only and I would encourage you to explore online programs from other countries.  Walden University in Minnesota offers a host of online courses including an MS in Early Childhood Studies. This course has the exclusive Mobile Learn feature that enables you to learn on the move through podcasts and audio lessons thus offering a lot of flexibility and choice. The University of Sheffield, UK has an internationally-renowned MA in Early childhood education offered through distance learning. In Australia, University of New England and Monash offer Master of counseling approved by the Australian Counseling Association whilst USQ offers Masters of Education with a major in guidance and counseling or Special Education.

It is worth exploring the various on line courses available globally rather than limiting yourself to India as I am sure you will be able to find a course that meets both your academic interest and budget.

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