Question & Answer: MBA & Law


My son has just started 11th grade in CBSE curriculum and has chosen Commerce stream. Compulsory subjects are Accountancy, Business studies and English. Optional are Marketing and Economics. At the moment his interest is to do MBA and Law.

I am toying with the idea of putting him into A levels next year thinking that this will give him an advantage to get admission to international universities and that A level has interesting and engaging teaching methods which will better prepare him for an all round personality development and in depth study.

My questions are

1. Does A level give an edge over CBSE for MBA or Law studies in international universities

2. Are the teaching methods more conducive to self study and is it more application oriented?

3. Are similar subjects as in CBSE available in A level curriculum?

4. Would you recommend any subject in A level which will help in taking up Law studies later?

5 .Your advice on a combination of MBA & Law and where do you recommend these studies?

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As your son is already in the 11th Grade I would recommend you let him finish his schooling in the CBSE system if he is doing well. The CBSE curriculum is accepted in the UK and the USA.

MBA is a Master of Business Administration and to apply for it your son will first need to finish his Bachelors degree after which depending on which school he wants to apply too he will need a few years of work experience under his belt. MBA schools do not look at which examination system your son did in school; the focus is on his undergraduate degree and related work experience. Your son can do a BBA or even a Bachelors degree in Engineering etc. and then look at pursuing an MBA.

If your son plans to do Law in the UK, there are no particular subject requirements. Commerce with Economics would help or if he does move to the A level system then his subject’s choices could be History, Political Science and Economics. In the USA, Law is a PG degree and can be done after his UG degree in any major. He will have to do an entrance exam LNAT / LSAT for the top Law colleges.

In the UK your son would need to show three A level subjects if he is planning on studying Law. For the top ranked universities he would need 85% overall in his final CBSE results.

Joint Degrees are offered in the US or Dual degrees in the UK but they are highly competitive and challenging.

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