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I have recently graduated from high school and am having a hard time deciding what degree i should take up in order to get a job of my interests. I am interested in environmental sciences or something related to the environment sector – but I’m not too sure about my strengths and weaknesses, and i don’t know what degree i should take up right now that would let me work in that sector. the Internet doesn’t give me the information i require so using what source can i make well informed decisions?


There are so many students like you whom I recommend taking a Psychometric test. Psychometric tests are measures of the mental skills, aptitudes and personality traits of people. Only tests that have been standardized for their reliability and validity should be used to get correct results. When you are trying to figure out what to do in your life its useful to access less obvious attributes through these tests.

These tests include personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires and ability assessments. A good psychometric test provides a fair and accurate result each time it is given. The tests must meet the following 1) Standardization: the test must be based on a sample population that is truly representative of the people who will be taking it. 2) Reliability: the tests must have consistent results and not be influenced by if you were feeling stressed, excited or relaxed. 3) Validity: this is perhaps the most important quality of a test. A valid test has to measure a person’s interests and then clearly demonstrate it.

The tests measure interests, personality, aptitude, verbal comprehension and reasoning, numerical reasoning, situational judgment, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning and speed and accuracy.

Some people consider these tests as a waste of time and until you have completed one to witness the accuracy of the results you should not judge them. 87% of employers use these tests in conjunction with interviews to select their employees.

Environmental Science

The advantages of the tests are that they are impartial and objective, easy to administer and quick to give results, difficult to cheat as there are complex variations and pretty accurate. Some disadvantages are that the tests can be confusing as you have to follow a set format, older tests are based on archaic data and it does not accommodate candidates for whom English is not their first language.

Environmental Science integrates physical and biological sciences to study the environment and the solution of environment problems. You could study environmental studies and environmental engineering. The study will also focus on policies, politics, law, pollution control etc.

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