Question and Answer: Life Sciences


1) I am a student of grade 10, about to choose my stream for next year. I’d like to know the different careers related to Biology and Life Science other than medical. I want to avoid Math in my career.

2) Can you give me some information about biotechnology and are there jobs available in U.A.E for this field?



Dear Students,

Do forgive me for answering both the questions together but as they are closely related and touch on the same field I have taken the liberty to do so.

I am glad that students are learning to plan and think ahead for college admissions and careers. This is a perfect time to discuss colleges and subject choices with your school counselors or a good college counselor.

To answer what subjects to take I would definitely recommend carrying on with Math’s along with Physics, Chemistry and of course Biology.

Along with deciding on the program you want to pursue it is equally necessary to decide on the University you are targeting for. This will require you to talk to your college counselor and also do a fair amount of research. Factors to consider would include size of student population, location urban or rural setting, weather, percentage of international students   and cost of living. There is no one college that fits everyone. Each individual student has different requirements and the decisions are taken keeping in mind budgets, lifestyle and your needs.

Studying Life Sciences and Biology can open the doors to an extensive range of specialized fields in biological sciences. Studying Biology prompts us to question assumptions, observe and evaluate results.

Biologists can work or research on various forms of organisms for example viruses, trees or birds. It is a misconception to assume that a scientist’s work will be restricted to research as there are many areas in management, sales, financial support and even photography that are available for a life scientist.

The list of career options is quite exhaustive and I am going to try and touch on as many as I have space to! Just to illustrate the magnitude of career options with Biology here goes : Agronomist, Anatomist,  Biochemist, Biomedical Engineer, Biophysicist, Botanist,  Ecologist, Epidemiologist, Food Scientist,  Geneticist, Horticulturist, Immunologist, Marine Biologist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Microbiologist, Mycologist, Nutritionist, Paleontologist, Pathologist, Pharmacologist, Physiologist, Science Teacher,  Zoologist and on and on………

In addition to these traditional areas I am noting below some new and exciting fields that are opening up:

–          Environmental management and conservation:  today’s environments are everybody’s problem and we need to preserve it for future generations.

–          Politics and Policy: Biologists can work with lawmakers for legislation on environmental laws and biomedical research as they have the science background.

–          Biotechnology: is the application of scientific principles to produce and augment technological advances in food science, medicine and crops. Bioengineering and Biotechnology are terms loosely used interchangeably (organic food aficionados, beware!)

–          Forensic science: Biologists work with the police using scientific methods to help solve crimes.

As far as jobs go with the MENA region governments are looking into life after oil. I think there will be many jobs available in the future. The U.A.E. is encouraging their nationals to explore different career paths and any of the above careers will be the opportunity to explore.

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