Question and Answer: CA


My daughter is studying in XIth grade now in Abu Dhabi with Commerce stream plus Math as she wished to go for CA.

1)       Can you advice in Abu Dhabi she can do her studies /internship for the Indian CA?

2)       Which is advisable; Indian CA or ACCA?

Career in CA


Chartered Accountancy is, I believe, an extremely sound profession to pursue and will hold you in good stead in the future be it in a job or in your own business. Business are run to make a profit, every company needs accountants to help them handle their finances to save and explore ways of increasing their revenues It is a profession which will help your daughter analyze and evaluate the ramification of decisions, on the bottom line of an organization. She should do Math’s in high school and in college she could do commerce, economics or business studies. I suggest your daughter finishes her college and only then commences her CA. Some students do both simultaneously. Personally I am not in favor of this pathway as it is important for a student to experience college life and education is more than just academics. You must also be aware that CA program is very demanding and normally takes four years Post College to complete. For this she would need to do her articles with a firm of Chartered Accountants in India. During this period of training your daughter will be involved in conducting audit of companies and other finance and tax work. This normally involves travel to factories and manufacturing units which tend to be outside city limits. On completing her CA she has various options – to join a professional firm of Chartered Accountants or work in the finance section of a company or even start her own practice and specialize either in corporate law, tax or audit.

ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Chartered Accountants ) :To become an ACCA  in addition to the mandatory exams, there is a requirement of three years work experience which can be acquired in UAE and she does not have to go back to India as would be required if she pursues her ( Indian) CA.  Personally I feel that CA is more demanding than ACCA both in content and rigor. Having said that ACCA qualification will definitely be helpful in getting a job in the Gulf, South Africa and UK, but not in India where companies and firms definitely favor a qualified Chartered Accountant over an ACCA. Another possibility is your daughter pursues her Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of England and Wales and acquires the required apprenticeship with a firm of Chartered Accounts based in UAE which is registered with the Institute in England and has the permission to provide this training.

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