Question an Answers: Further Studies in India


I am writing this for the career counselor who writes for your magazine. I am in grade 10 and I am good at art. I would like to know if architecture can be done without taking physics in grade 11 and 12 instead if I take commerce with MATHS in grade 11 and after grade 12 I will be joining college in India. So, is it possible that I take my stream as commerce with Math in grade 11 and then after I finish my grade12 join an architecture institute in India? They will teach the little physics needed in college right?

I really want to get a reply as I am confused and need help.


Dear Student

To study Architecture in India you will need Physics, Chemistry or Biology and Mathematics, Computer Science, etc. Bachelor of Architecture is a 5 year degree in India.

There are three entrance examinations needed to apply for the top Architectural colleges in India: (NATA) National Aptitude Test in Architecture, (AIEEE) Aptitude test for B.ARCH and Planning, IIT JEE( Joint Entrance Exam) Entrance Exams.

Study Architecture in India

If you plan to study in the UK, USA or Canada then you need English, Humanities, and Mathematics at the higher level and Physics. Commerce helps you but cannot be substituted for Physics.

These days you also have options of studying Architecture in top tier Colleges in Europe (all studies are in English). The tuition fees tend to be reasonable and the programs are taught by working professionals to give you a taste of the real world.

Students may not be aware of closely related careers to Architecture and these should be explored with your college counselor. Architects design the structural space but design layouts are done by Interior Designers. Interior Designers plan interiors and decide on wall demolitions, fixtures and furniture and equipment placement;

Professional Building Designer or Home Designer for light frame buildings and agricultural buildings is another related career to consider. Similarly one could consider a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) or a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. Job opportunities in these disciplines are predicted to grow faster than other occupations.

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