Professional Attire: How to Dress for Job Interviews

First impression is the last impression. Your CV/resume has worked after reading all our blog posts and you have been called for a job interview! Now you need to create a first impression on your potential employers. A key component of your interview is of course the way you dress. Dress sensibly, read our posts on UAE culture, keeping in mind the country you are applying to for a job. Agreed dressing properly will not help if you lack the right experience, but neglecting it could adversely affect your interview as well.

A standard way regardless of the kind of teaching job interview you are attending is to dress professionally. It may sound very simple but it’s hard to juggle between whether you are overdressed or under-dressed. The impact of dressing also plays with your mind psychologically. If you feel confident and comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’ll be at ease there, all powerful and ready.

Men should preferably wear a shirt with a collar and tie. Jackets look formal and show the interviewer you are serious. Women should take care of their neckline, arms covered and the length of their dress. Never wear jeans. Ensure your shoes are clean.


For women, avoid wearing sandals. Modest high heels are preferred. Make sure your nails are clean and you use a slight amount of cologne not overpower others and your hair is tidily made. When it comes tattoos and piercings, try to remove facial piercings and hide tattoos because in some cultures these are acceptable but others may not feel the same way. Play it safe!

Job Interview themselves are frightening so don’t add to the panic by waiting for the last moment to think of what to wear. Make sure you pick out your dress, shoes and needed accessories the night before your interview to prevent any panic or confusion on the interview morning. Iron it the night before try it out to see how it feels, check whether or not it is comfortable.

When it comes to colors and patterns, it depends on the ethos of the country you are going to work in. Some studies have shown that certain colors send different signals or messages, for example green signifies wealth or red signifies aggression. When you are confused on what color to wear, blue, black and grey are safe and universally flattering and acceptable.

Your professional clothing makes a statement about you when you first meet someone but make sure you don’t forget little things like removing your gum before entering the room or silencing your mobile/ cell phone at the interview so everything goes effortlessly.

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