Preparing for Your First Day to Teach in UAE

The first day is always a bit stressful and feels challenging with a new environment. Keep in mind all schools including yours will have a large number of expat teachers who are either new like you or have experienced what you are going through. You will settle in faster than you think and make new friends from over the globe.

UAE is a warm and welcoming country and locals polite and kind towards foreigners.

UAE is working towards harnessing different technologies to promote education: You will soon realise that teaching in the UAE will be one of the most fulfilling experiences for any teacher.

Now for a few pointers you may have overlooked:

    • Keep a checklist and a plan ready and over the plan, over prepare, have many days of lessons planned and ready.

    • Keep a diary: always useful to jot student’s names, other teacher’s names, problems that crop up. The diary will help you keep track of your progress. The diary will help remind you of meetings, holidays and other events. Add important telephone numbers.

  • Keep a small pouch with bandages, safety pins, mints, tissues and minor items that will help you cope with small emergencies.

Dress code UAE

Though UAE is an Islamic country you will not be expected to cover up totally. Men should wear a shirt, tie and trousers. Jackets are not required. Women should wear skirts or dresses covering their knees, sleeveless tops are frowned on. Check with the school as some schools are more relaxed than others.

The first day of school, what should I know/do?

Arrive early to meet students as they enter the class and introduce you to them with a few details of where you come from and your interests.

There are a lot of different nationalities in UAE from Emirati’s, Indians, Germans, Canadians and many, many others.

On your first day of school remember to organise your first day/lessons such as objectives, learning activities etc. which is also a great way to get to know your students. Be confident about yourself and socialise, interact with other teachers and students. You will quickly feel much more comfortable and after that hard day of work you can go to the beach for a jog or to watch the setting sun.

What should my first day of school GOAL be?

The objective is to ensure that every pupil goes home happy and tired, excited by the challenges ahead but reassured that you will help them meet those challenges. You could send back with students a welcome letter, upcoming events and the calendar with homework assignments.

What should be your primary aim before school starts?

The classroom is going to be your second home for the next year. You should organise it with the ideas you have for your students, it should show your personality. Prepare one of the bulletin boards either with a calendar or for younger children with their artwork. You could have upcoming events, assignments and other interesting information for older students.

Get all textbooks, pens, staplers or calculators that you need organised and ready.

Prepare your lesson plans and check if you have all the necessary information and materials you need.

Read about the culture

Why not learn a little bit about the culture in UAE before you start your first day as a teacher there? Go explore a bit, experience the culture and the vibe of the country, so you can get a feeling of what’s happening and what you have to respect and know about.

We hope we could help you with these tips. Intelligent Partners wishes you good luck and success on your first day as a Teacher in the UAE.

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