Paid overseas education consultants versus free consultants/ self-apply for university applications

Studying abroad is one of the toughest decisions, life-changing decisions most people make. It is even tougher to choose the right country and the right university to apply too and how to pursue your higher education plans.

Selecting the right university/college and country that best suits your profile goals is an unnerving task. Of course, during this time your parents, friends, and family will come up with many options, will try to guide you or any of your relatives/friends studying overseas can help you out. But that does not necessarily mean that you get the best information. We see the maximum number of cases where students end up disappointed because of not getting what they planned for.

It is advisable to take guidance from a reputed and professional agency that has colossal experience in this field as studying abroad. The life changing resolve is not a small decision and costs quite a lot of money and will affect your future career. Well, reputed overseas education consultants will have expert university/college counselors to guide international and Indian students and parents, through the proper path. At present, there are many of study abroad education consultants, some offer free consultation services whereas some ask for a consultancy fee.

If you are planning on studying abroad then you should look for the best education consultancy in UAE that have many reviews, are recognized by international and local schools in UAE whom schools work with, have the various licenses and offices all over the UAE thereby convenient for families to access.

Why do you need to take advice from expertise? Should you go for a free consultation, self-apply or use paid education consultants?

Are there any trained professionals like doctor/lawyer/ architect who give free services or consultancy?

How many people today build a house, draw up legal documents or operate on themselves? Similarly you should consider if you should self-apply and do the entire application process yourself or use study abroad professionals.

There is no harm in going for a free consultation. Of course, everybody would be more interested in that. But, before that let’s look into the aspects of free and paid consultation:

Free consultation

  • If the free consultants have tied up with a few, limited universities, they will push you to take admissions there AND not look at your entire holistic profile and which college, degree is better suited for you.
  • If an education consultant guarantees you admission then you definitely need to check the university and college. No one can guarantee admissions
  • No top ranked universities are provided for
  • Students will never get a full in depth discussion on all the various options, countries, etc.
  • Students will end up applying to comparatively average or at times even below average universities, which you might not prefer.
  • Limited services by the consultants

Paid Consultation


  • Students get the opportunity to apply to any university of their choice, i.e. a top-ranked university, affordable colleges and higher education institutions
  • Understanding your profile and shortlisting with you in mind is what the best education counselors do
  • Scholarships offered specifically to our education consultancy students only
  • Applications through paid consultants will be for Tier 1 and Tier 2 universities, red brick colleges, Ivy League schools, top MBA schools, etc. NOT only to our 700 + partner universities
  • Best education consultants that are partnered with universities can get fee waivers and other such offers
  • Education consultants are update with the latest changes in college applications, new deadlines, changes in student visa rules and the education consultants are trained repeatedly to remain ahead of the curve
  • Can break your consultation into multiple sessions
  • Meet every timeline and not miss deadlines as your college counselor will be on top of that
  • Professional editors for SOP, Personal essays, common app essays and UC essays
  • Guaranteed assistance and hand holding till you reach your dream university
  • Huge success rate on student study visas due to the specialized team of study visa consultants who will see to all financial documents are ready, mock visa interviews, etc.
  • Education counselors will have ties ups with banks for study loans


  • You can apply to various universities but no guaranteed admission; you need to comply with the requirements