You can get a master’s degree even with a low GPA

masters degreeI completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and would like to do my Master’s in IT. But my GPA is very low – 2.3 – and I don’t have any work experience/volunteering experience. What do I do?

A low GPA shouldn’t stop you from studying and getting the master’s degree you want. Luckily, there is a route specifically designed for someone in your situation. A pre-master’s course is a preparatory course you do before your Master’s degree, and dovetails into your Master’s program.

Pre-master’s courses provide students with the academic foundation, essential language skills (if necessary) and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to a Master’s degree.

Most of these programmes have fairly low GPA requirements (2.25 and above, and are flexible), an IELTS score of 5.0 and above (as you will be given the opportunity to improve your proficiency as part of the course) and no GRE/GMAT (you will be able to study this as part of your course).

During your course, you will receive advice and counselling on your academic and career goals, as well as assistance in applying to universities. You will also receive support to acclimatise yourself to the cultural environment of the country and can avail of CV workshops, interview preparation programmes and more.

Most pre-master’s last between 3 and 9 months. The length of the programme can vary on how prepared you are for the academic rigour of the Master’s, as well as your English proficiency. Once you successfully complete the course, you can transfer your academic credits to your Master’s programme, meaning you won’t have to repeat many classes you studied. Pre-master’s are a great option for people who are unsure of the cultural environment that they will be studying in – the 3-month course can let you know if this is the right country for you.

I suggest you look at some pre-master’s programmes that can get you entry into the programme you desire, and start applying.

The process is fairly straightforward and will enable you to pursue the degree of your choice with only a short delay.

Sanjeev Verma is an international education counsellor.

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