Question & Answers: Molecular Genetics And Biotechnology


I am a grade 9 student living in Abu Dhabi. I would like to opt for the course “Molecular Genetics And Biotechnology” and would be glad to know in which university this course will be available in UAE, India and anywhere abroad. I would also like to know what are the job opportunities if I opt for this course?


As the name suggests, molecular genetics is the study of genetics and biology that involves the study of genes at a molecular level. Molecular genetics and biotechnology have a common basis in molecular biology and are often studied together.

If you have a love for science and are curious about the complexity of the natural world, are detail oriented and enjoy research then you will find a career in molecular genetics extremely rewarding. A strong understanding of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology is essential.

The US is the destination of choice for courses on this topic and you can pursue a four- year Bachelor’s degree at universities such as Michigan State University, SUNY Rutgers, Duke University, Oregon State University etc. A high school degree with Maths, Science and English courses and the SAT are usually required. International applicants will also need to submit proof of English proficiency through the TOEFL or the IELTS. In fact, there are many community colleges that offer excellent 2-year programs in this subject.

In the UK, Kings College London, University of Dundee and University of Edinburgh are good options. Out of these, King’s is renowned for its contributions to research and the experience of its faculty.

molecular genetics and biotechnology.

Among the Indian universities, many state universities such as Delhi University etc have a range of programs though most of them are at the Master’s level. An option that may interest you is Manipal University, which offers a Bachelor’s course in Biotechnology and Master’s programs in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. SRM is another extremely reputed university in this field, and has degrees at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. KG Somaya in Mumbai, NITTE, Oxford Group, Indian Academy and T John College also offer degrees in Biotechnology.

While selecting a university ensure the program curriculum is such that biotechnology or other subjects of your choice are included in the curriculum. Also, check out about laboratory facilities, faculty and research opportunities. Other factors to consider include location, ambiance, demographics, fees etc. While a research-oriented university may have great faculty and research facilities as well as opportunities for independent research smaller community colleges allow for a more personalized focus and closer interaction with professors.

To strengthen your application it is advisable to acquire some experience in the field through summer research programs or internships. This will give not only give you an advantage during admission but will also give you a head start in your career.

Careers choices include environmental conservation, health care, forensics, pharmaceuticals, horticulture, archaeology and biotechnology.

Your long-term goals can help you determine your academic and career path. If you are inclined towards research or teaching, pursuing a PhD would be a good idea. Alternatively, you can also pursue a certificate program in ‘biotechnology’ or any related field if you are keen on entering the job arena early.

At this stage in your life, it is perfectly natural to be confused. Read extensively and try to develop contacts in the field. While at university, take advantage of coop programs and internship opportunities.

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