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In the United Kingdom, medical school generally refers to courses related with medical practitioners. The course of study generally last five or six years. There is two years of pre-clinical training in university and three years clinical training at a teaching hospital and in community settings. Medical schools and teaching hospitals are closely connected; the student gains an experience of both during the course of study. The course of study is extended to six years, when an extra subject of study is added to the degree. Getting into medicine is tough for many students. Students can study medicine directly after high school or inclusive of a Foundation course where the tenure for the entire course is longer. For medicine courses there are limited numbers of seats for students, which mean competition is very high. The students for medicine have to sit for entrance tests. The entrance exam to medicine courses usually involves the competitive selection test. The most common entry examinations are the GAMSAT-Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test or MSAT-Medical Schools Admissions Test.  
Many education institutions also use existing entrance examinations which is UKCAT or BMAT. The Under graduation for medical course in the United Kingdom may be thought of in two methods or continuum –

The teaching method is one continuum – on which problem based learning is one extreme, and lecture based learning is the other extreme. The course structure – on which a clear pre-clinical or clinical divide is one content, and a totally integrated which is mix, both of curriculum’s.

Applications for entry into medical universities are made through the. UCAS mostly allows students to apply for up to five places at different universities in the United Kingdom. However, applicants for medical Universities may use only four of these places for medical courses. The remaining one must be left blank. This blank may be used to apply for non-medical courses.

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