Keeping track of your Finances while working in Sharjah

It’s always important to keep track of your finances if you are living in Sharjah or in other cities, so we have listed a few tips for you.

Teaching jobs in International schools in Sharjah will include accommodation, medical insurance, 60 days paid leave amongst many other benefits. A lot of people look forward to working in Sharjah, who doesn’t want all these things included in their monthly income?

But working out a budget means you can spend wisely, not overspend and save more.

You know how much you will earn every month, there is no guesswork so make a realistic budget after you work out your expenses on clothes, food and entertainment. Put down all expenses and then put a limit on each.

Work out the next 6 months so that you can carefully put aside money for expenses that come up once in a while, for example, car insurance, long weekend travel and Christmas gifts.

Plan for unexpected expenses, car repairs, vet etc. Keep some money aside for these or other emergencies.

Pay your monthly bills on time before you get any extra charges; put the date on your calendar when your next bill is due.

Your spare time should be used to pay your bills, rather than paying extra charges because you forgot or were busy doing something else. Don’t ignore statements from the bank.

Try not to overdraw as this will mean additional charges. Talk to the bank if you need a loan. Read the small print carefully.

If you find you have some spare cash take advantage of it and pay off your debit / credit cards. Get rid of your debt. Stop using the credit cards and pay off existing balances – the sooner you do; the less you’ll pay in interest.

Be responsible about your money and you will not be worried and at the end of your teaching contract, you will have saved as well!

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