Interview Checklist: 7 Things You Need to Bring to a Job Interview

Let’s not lie. Interviews can be very stressful and unnerving. It is so important that everything goes effortlessly. To ensure this, you need to start planning 24 hours preceding to your interview.

While you’ve already spent time looking for the perfect outfit with the perfect shoes, you might forget the little things which are as important as the outfit. Prepare your bag in advance so nothing can go wrong prior or during the interview.


Following is a list of items you need to pack before walking in for the interview:

1. Copies of your resume

As silly and obvious this may sound, many candidates forget to carry their resume. You will not have any idea as to how many people will be interviewing you. Keep at least 10 copies of your resume in a folder and put in in your bag because yes, they can share but they’ll remember the time they didn’t have to share. It’s always better to have too many than not enough.

2. A notebook and a pen

If you want to take small notes during the interview, you cannot remove your mobile phone and start typing into it as many interviewers think it disrespectful. Always better to keep a small notebook where not only can you note down points but you can also put in bullet points of what you were originally planning to say during the interview as sometimes when you’re nervous, you might overlook what you planned to ask; your cheat sheet can help you.

3. Comfortable shoes

Chances are you may be running late or you parked your car way away from the building which means you’ll have to make your way in a hurry. Running in heels is not the best option. You can change them once you’re into the building.

4. A mirror

If you’re lucky, you might have a few minutes to prep yourself before the interview in the bathroom. Make sure you have the right amount of makeup and do a teeth check. Carrying your own mirror is important since you don’t know about the light you’ll find or whether you’ll even have an opportunity to go to the bathroom.

5. IPad

If you don’t have one, then borrow one. The night before, open tabs of your LinkedIn profiles, any company articles or anything that might bring in visual examples of your past work can help you earn extra points.

6. Printed questions for your interviewer

Don’t rely on your memory for questions you wish to ask the interviewer. The interviewer is bound to ask you if you have any questions and that’s where you show your research. It can be specific or open-ended questions. Interviewers are often very impressed when they see how prepared you are.

7. A Thank you note

Sending a thank you note to your interviewer shows them that their time was as precious as yours. It can leave a great impression to the interviewer. Make it short and sincere, thanking them for the opportunity they provided and about your experience and what you learned from the interview.

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