IPC’s flagship program enables universities to recruit international students far more efficiently. The benefits of an increased international presence range from better rankings to holistic advantages to financial gains.

Benefits of an International office

  • Meet and Greet
  • Visa
  • Counseling
  • Accommodation
  • Exchange/ Study Abroad
  • Collaboration
  • Outreach and Marketing


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What does an IPC International Office do?

[stm_pricing_plan title=”Meet and Greet”]We pick up incoming international students, and arrange transport for them to and from airports to the campus.[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”Visa” color=”#81d742″]

We offer visa-counseling services to aid any student who may need help with obtaining a student visa.

[stm_pricing_plan title=”Counselling” color=”#1e73be”]We understand that studying in a different country can be a bit confusing and it can be difficult to understand the local culture. We provide workshops and counseling services to all international students to enable them to fit into the local culture better. Happier students are important for a thriving student community that is beneficial to the university’s reputation[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”Accomodation” color=”#dd3333″]We help international students with the process of arranging accommodation during their stay at the university.[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”Exchange/ Study Abroad” color=”#af0faa”]We utilize Intelligent Partners’ vast network of global universities to provide local students with the chance for study abroad semesters. Likewise, we partner with foreign universities to bring international students who wish to study for a short-period of time. We also coordinate faculty exchange programs.[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”Collaboration” color=”#ff9626″]Our network of global universities allows us to create unique and unparalleled opportunities for collaboration with renowned universities in the UK, USA, Canada and many other countries.[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”Outreach and Marketing” color=”#00dbdb”]By utilizing Intelligent Partner’s renowned brand name and industry leading team in the Middle East, as well as Libya and Iraq and India, IPC attracts international students to universities’ campuses. We run programs targeted at potential students to increase the numbers of incoming foreign students. We arrange all the marketing materials to target international students.[/stm_pricing_plan]

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