I am in 12th , a commerce cbse student, I am interested in pursuing psychology and but my parents ​are not very convinced as they feel it has low job opportunities and it takes many years to complete it. So what do I do?

Studying Psychology helps you develop knowledge of human behavior and is a great option to study as it provides a foundation for many careers with a wide array of specializations to focus on. The rigor of the course combined with the innate understandings of the human mind and psyche will help you understand and dissect intricate situations and make intelligent decisions.


You can study to become a clinical psychologist, an educational psychologist, a mental health worker or even a sports psychologist. These are the more common paths to pursue which are directly related to the subject.  To practice these vocations you would need a graduate degree which itself requires work experience. This is usually acquired through voluntary work in areas such as nursing, mental health, mentoring young adults and social work.  


However there are a plethora of other jobs where your degree in Psychology can be extremely useful: an aid worker, counselor, psychotherapist or even in market research.


Due to the ever present need for counseling and understanding of psychology, do not think of psychologists as restricted to just the medicine industry. You will find certified psychologists in industries as diverse as media and finance and education, all applying their psychology degrees directly or indirectly in their careers and all the better for it!


Additionally, the field of Human Resources looks extremely favorably on psychology graduates due to their combination of empirical reasoning and human understanding. The ability to deal with people is a crucial and respected skill which can help you climb the corporate ladder very quickly.


It is possible to combine psychology with other fields of studies and carve a niche for yourself. You could either study psychology with Marketing or psychology with Law which would lead to a career as a Forensic Psychologist.  Studying Psychology with product design leads to a career as an Engineering Psychologist. If you are an extrovert and outgoing person, combining your personality with psychology would help you forge a career in Training and Development. 


The importance of the professional accreditations required to be a psychologist cannot be underestimated and you must ensure the program you select gives you the required accreditation. In the UK for example you must complete a year of work experience to become a Chartered Psychologist. It is advisable to get this as soon as possible and many do volunteer work to gain the experience required.

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