Packing Tips for a Place That You’ve Never Been to Before

So the final days before leaving and packing needs to be done! Amidst the excitement of shifting to a new country is also sadness to leave family and friends and familiar surroundings. But the adventure is about to begin and you will soon be comfortable in your new job and environment.

A few pointers on what you should keep in mind for packing:

Make a list of things you want to take with you and when you start packing, check each point with what you have packed, this way you won’t forget anything. Don’t pack things which you can buy in the UAE and don’t pack your entire beauty routine. People tend to carry food stuff, toiletries and clothes not realizing nearly every brand are available unless you use a brand not communally found.


Research a little bit about the place you are moving to. It’s always good to know what kind of temperature/climate you are shifting to. You don’t need all your woolens if you are moving to the UAE but maybe a few if you are planning vacations to cold countries during your holidays.

Remember to check baggage allowance rules and if you are shipping get all the rates.

Check what is allowed and banned in different countries.

Collect lots of boxes, tape and labels. Essential for stuff you are leaving behind and won’t need.

Pack away old DVD’s, knickknacks, stationary etc. Items not important should be packed first. A great time to clear away junk when you move! Keep boxes labeled so you can find them easily when you return.

Check if electronic items will work in your new country of residence as there might be a different voltage. Sell items that might get damaged in storage.

Breakable items of glass, mirrors should be wrapped in bubble paper.

Important papers, documents, jewelry should be packed for carrying with you. Leave copies of all important papers with a friend or family member.

Here are some packing methods:

    • • Keep all your things laid out together and then edit carefully to not carry excess baggage

    • • Rolling call clothes tightly even jeans to create more space

    • • Fold Clothes specially work clothes that may get creased and put them on top of the rolled up clothes.

    • • Keep your heavier items in hand to save on baggage allowance. Long dresses, trousers can be folded in half.

    • • Put belts around the edge of the suitcase

    • • Put your smaller items in gaps between your clothes

    • • Carry only a few shoes, you can always buy more when you reach & start teaching in the UAE

  • • Keep your jewelry in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase

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