How to Leave the Right Impression on Phone Interviews

The phone interview is an important step in getting the job. It also has some challenges. Leaving the right impression on the phone can be harder than having a face to face meeting. A successful phone interview will decide whether you will get shortlisted.

Prepare For the Phone Interview

Preparation is the key. When you apply for a job, be prepared that your potential employer might call you. Remember what best times to contact you, were mentioned to your recruiter and make sure to be available at those timings. Practice a phone interview with your friends, if you feel you are not confident enough speaking on the phone. Plan for some possible interview questions with your recruiter and consider the answers you could give.

Be Available at the Mentioned Timings

Missing the call is like running late for your job interview, which will give a bad impression to the school. The impression will be that you are rather unorganised or not interested in the job. Best is to set an alarm and mark the phone interview into your calendar. Don’t forget to switch off the silent mode on your cell / mobile phone. Also, make sure that you have a quiet space to avoid interruptions or noise interference.

Best Place to Be during the Phone Interview

As mentioned before, try to be in a quiet room, no screaming children or barking dogs, make sure you can be in a private room and inform everyone that you should not be disturbed for the duration of your call. If you have a landline number provide it to the recruiter for a better connection. If you don’t, then make sure that your phone is fully charged and has a clear line and connection.

How to Leave the Right Impression on Phone Interviews

Your voice is the only asset that can impress your potential employer. Your goal is to sell yourself – your skills, your experience and your values. What can you do?

Show Confidence and Smile

When you answer the phone make sure you smile and feel confident, your voice will sound more positive and the listener will feel positive about you.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

Make notes of everything you want to say, the best thing to do, summarise all you want to speak about and make bullet points of them so you have a quick overview of what you need to say. Don’t be nervous and hesitate, speak slowly and clearly (remember to SMILE). Think of your answers and gave examples of how you teach.

Advantages of a Phone Interview

The phone interview is one of the most important things; take it seriously because most people don’t. It is as if you are sitting in their office and it’s your chance to prove yourself as a good, hard-working, dedicated teacher. Many say that putting yourself across as the perfect teacher for a limited time over the phone, can be harder. But think of the advantages over the disadvantages. Here are some points:

  • You don’t have to worry about what to wear as you usually do when you go for an interview.
  • The Interviewer won’t see that you are anxious or nervous
  • You can read your notes during the interview
  • You can write down a few questions to ask about the school

Ask For the Next Step and Send a Thank-You Email

Don´t end the phone interview without asking for the next step. Ask for the interviewer´s email address and note it down. Tell your potential employer that you are enthusiastic about the job opportunity and write a thank you letter. Reiterate your interest in the job and your qualifications.

Intelligent Partners recruiter will set up a phone interview if the school asks to speak with you. Being called by the school means you have already managed the first hurdle, i.e. to get onto the potential candidate´s list. But the process for teaching jobs in UAE doesn’t stop here, rather it starts.

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