How Teachers can Sponsor their Families to the UAE?

You’ve been offered an exciting teacher’s position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Your nerves have survived and the excitement is beginning to set in. Now, you need to decide on settling in first or moving your family with you immediately. Many expats face the same dilemma and nearly everyone feels you should settle down first and then move the family if possible.

Pic Courtesy: Vision.ae

Intelligent Partners has written down 5 steps on how to sponsor your family to the UAE.

1) Sponsoring your family

Either a husband or wife can sponsor the family. Speak to your school and they will be able to guide you properly and give you the necessary documents needed.

Tip: Schools PRO are very informed on all these processes.

2) Documents needed to sponsor your spouse

– An application forms from the typing centre of the Immigration department

– 2 photographs of your spouse, to be safe keep many extra copies

– Original passports of the sponsor; photocopies of the spouse’s passport (passport of sponsor should have a validity of a minimum of 6 months)

– Sponsors employment contract and salary certificate (bank statements may be required showing salary credit)

– Sponsors residency visa and a copy (should be valid for a minimum of 6 months)

– Valid Emirates ID of the sponsor

– Tenancy contract in sponsors names or if the school is providing it

– Marriage certificate attested

Tip: Always check with your school before going to the Immigration Department to see if any paper is missing or if you not filled in something correctly.

3) Documents needed to sponsor your children

Stepchildren need permission from their biological parent or guardians to be sponsored by you. Pl checks with the school for documents needed by the immigration department for this.

Male children can be sponsored till the age of 18 and then till 21 if they are studying in a college or university. A female child can be sponsored till she gets married.

– Application forms from the typing centre of the Immigration Department

– Birth certificates attested for children

– 2 photographs of the child

– Original passports of the sponsor, with 6 months validity and photocopies of the child’s passport

– Medical certificate

– Sponsors employment contract and salary certificate

– Sponsors residence visa, should have a validity of 6 months and a copy

Tip: Carry extra copies of all documents in colour and black and white. Also, carry extra photographs with you.

4) Medical tests

On arrival, the spouse and children should do a medical test at an authorised medical centre

– Blood tests and x-rays certificates will be needed for the visa

Tip: Medical Insurance: In UAE it is now mandatory to have medical insurance coverage for all family members.

5) Paper Work/Visa

Before you fly to start teaching in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Muscat or other Middle East countries, you should make sure that your family have their valid residency visas. Also, you could ask your recruiter if your employer has any recommendations, such as you shifting first and then your family.

Tip: Do remembers your spouse whom you have sponsored will need a labour card, work permit or employment visa to be able to work.

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