How Education has Evolved from Traditional Teaching Method to Digital?

Education is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons that can be used to change the world. But when technology has changed parts of education over the years, what happens then? Years back, we used traditional methods of teaching where teachers were the only mode of knowledge dispensers than facilitators just focusing on putting small amounts of information into us in classrooms surrounded by only the teacher who was a knowledge provider and where more focus was given on exam results rather than understanding of concepts because information shared was limited due to lack of resources being available. Also, there was a lack of cooperation between teachers and students and no concept of group learning.


And now, these flaws are being eliminated by technology as it provides students and teachers with a whole lot of resources where information about anything can be accessed.

Now the question is, how will teachers cope up with the rapid changing environment where there is a whole world of information coming from different sources and the school environment more technologically encircled? This change of technology is definitely leading to the importance of creating stronger teacher-student relationships.

There are four key approaches associated with digital teaching technologies. They are; merged, personalised, mastery and online learning.

Merged learning is a combination of e-learning and traditional classroom methods to create a new, hybrid teaching methodology. It is a great change as not only are computers added to classrooms; it represents, an elemental change in the way teachers and students approach towards the learning experience. The word “facilitator” now can be used instead of “teacher” which is quite an achievement and covers one of the most important flaws of old days. The facilitator role is to empower students with the skills and knowledge required to make maximum use of the online material and individual study time, guiding students towards a more meaningful experience.

Personalized Learning includes trying to reach the highest expectation of every child, by a high quality of education based on knowledge and understanding of each child’s needs. It includes a five-year strategy for children and learners. It has been linked to the ‘Every Child Matters’ programme and is seen as a way to enhance results for disadvantaged children and also students who are gifted and talented.

Mastery learning is a unique technique introduced by Benjamin Bloom. Under this model, a small part of the portion is taught and students are evaluated on that part of the portion before they are allowed to move on to the next part. This method successfully leads to better grades. Teachers break down their portion into smaller parts – about one or two weeks’ worth of portion and after learning the first part, students are given a quiz or an assessment which proves their completion of that part and the assessment is a guide to how well students have understood the concept and the teacher can then identify the weak areas and also the areas where the student does not need more help.

Online learning is a method of conveying educational information via the internet instead of having a physical classroom. There are various applications for online learning, extending from the simple downloadable content or through planned programmes that include assessment and award. Studying online isn’t dissimilar from studying on a school campus. Online students interact with their content, teachers and class members in a way similar to that of school campus students. They view lectures, take part in discussions or debates, have one-to-one sessions with their teachers, work in groups, submit assignments and take exams. The only difference being that all activities are monitored according to each student since it all happens online.

Not only these But conducting more group activities in class where students make presentations and start to explain certain concepts to other students is effective in the participation of all the students rather than just the teacher doing all of it.

These methods have already been applied in most places and soon in the future, not only these but we will have more ways to cope with the rapidly changing environment in the education field due to technology.

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