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What are the career opportunities after studying sociology?

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A sociologist is a person who studies society and social behaviour by examining groups, cultures, organisations, social institutions and studying the impact of these social groups on individual decision making.

A degree in sociology uniquely prepares a student to use scientific methods to deal with these complex matters. In addition to specific skills, studying sociology will sharpen and foster creativity, innovation, critical thinking, analytic problem-solving and communication skills.

As this major has a very broad curriculum, everything in the social dominion is studied including family, deviance, marriage, group interaction, gender roles, criminology, healthcare, sexuality, work roles, ageing, public policy, attitude development, social inequality and much more.

Possible jobs for graduates in sociology include roles in public health services, the voluntary sector, social and welfare services, criminal justice, rehabilitation and housing services, probation and prison services.

To improve employment opportunities, consider studying sociology jointly with law, modern languages or marketing. Alternatively bolster your qualifications by pursuing a second degree in journalism, education or business.

Studying overseas can further augment chances of employability as international students have the unique opportunity to not only study another country’s social culture and milieu but also hear the viewpoint of other international students. In addition to Oxbridge and the Ivy League, LSE, University of Chicago, NUS, University of Wisconsin and Australia National University are other institutions well known for excellence in this subject.

The subject is a great platform to enter in law school but also fields such as public health, criminology, public policy, business, public health, social work, and education.

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