I wish to become a pilot

I’m a grade XI student and I wish to become a pilot. I’m in a dilemma as to pursue training after grade XII or after I complete my graduation (my parents’ suggestion). What is the rightful choice? Also I’d like to know about the job prospects in aviation.

pilot student

While perceived as extremely glamorous and exciting the job of a commercial pilot is a highly specialized profession with immense responsibilities and requires focus, discipline and dedication.
To become a commercial pilot you would have to go through three stages of licenses, namely, the SPL (Student Pilot License), PPL (Private Pilot License) and CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and each level has its exams and training requirements. In addition to the academic requirements some of the character traits required are confidence, an alert mind, ability to handle crises, work under pressure, discipline and a sense of responsibility. Physical fitness along with perfect vision would be other attributes required to become a pilot. 
Even while it is possible to enroll for SPL after high school, I would advise that you to complete an undergraduate degree before signing up. A college degree will prove beneficial in future not only should you want to switch jobs but also for promotions within the organization. Whilst it is possible to graduate in any subject it is advisable to pursue a degree in aviation or aeronautical engineering. Regardless of the major chosen, you will need to study Maths, engineering, physics, geography and English. Physics to understand the aeronautical principles, Maths to measure the distance for take offs and landing, especially trigonometry  which is crucial in space navigation and Calculus to learn the functions and limits in the aircraft, English to effectively communicate with passengers and co-pilots and geography to be able to read maps to locate water bodies or high mountains.
It normally takes 2 years to complete the course. Subjects to be studied would include aviation meteorology, navigation, planning and communications in radio and wireless transmission.
Subsequent to the CPL you would need to get multi engine training and eventually apply for the Airline Transport license which will enable you fly solo and captain an aircraft.  In addition to exams and medical fitness the ATP requires the candidate to have completed 1,500 hours flying time.  
India, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Russia are popular destinations for pilot training. Australia and New Zealand have a distinct advantage in the field of aviation because of extensive areas of open land, favorable climate, scattered population and limited ground infrastructure.
In Dubai, the Emirates Flying School at Dubai airport offers private and commercial licenses and holds classes in a commercial flying environment with exposure to international airport procedures, radio telephony and operations at international commercial standards. Another school is the Emirates Aviation College which now offers the JAA licensed pilot training program.  
Despite a plethora of schools to choose from, it is critical you make your selection carefully. Look for factors such as quality, cost, stability and safety record of the school while deciding where to study.  In selecting a school check the quality and age of aircraft’s, the number of machines available for training, the experience and qualifications of the instructors, what provision the school has for repairs and maintenance, the weather in the area and other factors that could affect your flying schedule. Should you not achieve the level of prescribed proficiency in the stipulated hours, additional training will be required and this can be fairly expensive.
Other options in addition to a career as a pilot could include Aircraft Electrical Installer or Technician, Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer, Airport Operations Manager, Air Transport Manager or Air Traffic Controller.

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