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Hi! I am a grade 11 student and I wish to become a Cyber Crime Investigator. What are the courses required to become one? Suggest some best colleges.

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Security in computing parlance would include both cyber-security and physical security. Cyber-security can be described as processes, technologies and practices created and implemented to protect computers, programs and data from unauthorized access or damage.
With the continuous and rapid progression of technological initiatives like internet of things, cloud based applications and bring your own device (BYOD) increased and more sophisticated levels of security have become necessary.  Cyber threats not only manifest themselves in various forms, from malware to ransom ware to phishing to exploit kits but the cost for this disruption continues to fall making the risk even greater. The pervasiveness and seriousness of these threats has resulted in implementation of cyber security programs and prevention of attacks as point of discussion at virtually every board meeting. It’s no surprise that Forbes has estimated the industry to grow over two fold in five years from $ 75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.
Cyber-security analysts ensure the smooth functioning of computer systems to prevent theft and corruption of financial and personal data. To be trained for this career if not a specific degree in cyber security you would need a degree in computer programming, computer science, information science or computer engineering. In addition statistics, math and English will need to be studied. 
The degree program will include subjects like cryptology, Unix and network security, database design, computer and digital forensics. Being the person responsible for the security of computer networks, Cyber security analysts will need to engage with staff of other departments not only to implement systems designed to prevent an attack but also to educate them. The analysts are also required to regularly inspect, test the systems and issue certificates of compliance. Other career options would include software developers who could write and develop code, data base administrators responsible for security of data bases or system analysts who form the link between business and information technology.
The continuous and rapid evolution of the industry along with the import of new technology means that people in the industry have to continually upgrade their skills and be abreast of the latest products available. This requires regular reading of journals, visiting expos and regular upgrading of qualifications. At a senior level your role would be to manage a team of specialists to ensure complete security of information systems and this would require thorough knowledge of asset and risk management. When upgrading your qualifications it is advisable only industry recognized and accredited certification be chosen.
The pace of change and innovation makes selecting the right University and program essential. When selecting the college you should find out about on campus research facilities, certifications offered, partnerships and affiliations and internships. While there are a plethora of Universities that offer computer related degrees, specific cyber-security courses are also available at University of Southern California, Iowa State, George Mason, Fordham University, Bellevue, Colorado Technical, Eindhoven University and Abertay University.

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