FAQs for Students who are Interested in Studying Abroad

Our first counseling session is a detail profiling of the student in terms of what are her/his options available. We do a country comparison on the updates of living costs/tuition fees/other expenses. We also provide the student with options that you will not know, in terms of Universities options, selection of courses. Further we provide students with a detailed visa assistance/mock interviews sessions. Besides there is a lot of information on the net, how sure are you that all of it is genuine? V/s trained college counselors by the universities themselves! Not to forget the collective 50 years of knowledge.


2) Other consultants are offering free sessions, why should I come to you?

Services offered ‘free’ seem a bit suspect don’t you agree? When you are spending thousands of dollars, Euros or Pounds many would agree to get the best available advice if not two! This is a huge expenditure and one that will affect your job and career for the rest of your life. We cannot emphasize enough on going to respected established counselors.

3) I have a few friends who have used counselors and were not satisfied with the services?

We have a large team of counselors trained by various universities and certified by the British Council. Our Head of Counseling is a trained and certified counselor and has over 20 years of experience in student counseling for various top universities around the world. Our Director is a well know figure in the field of education. You can rest assured all your doubts will be put at ease.

4) My child is only in 10th or 11th now, why should I come in so early?

This is the best time to know what options are available and work on the student’s profile. We can help the student decide on the possible subjects that she/he should take in Grade 11 and work out a timeline on tests needed for university admissions.

5) I will come only if you guarantee me admission in UK or USA or Canada.

We are a professional consultancy that provides students services. We will do our best in the recruitment process to ensure admissions but we cannot guarantee admissions.

6) What if I do not get admission in a college that you are applying for on my behalf? Do you refund my money?

While we do the profiling, we would definitely provide you with option of universities that you can get into. We believe there is a place for every student. it’s not that we provide with a simple or a less popular university, we would provide you with a blend of popular/high rank and a less popular one, but definitely keeping in mind your grades.

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