Engineering – Pre-requisites and advantages

engineering pre-requisites and advantages

A fair majority of my students want to study engineering abroad ! Well, if not them at least parents want their sons and daughters to study engineering.

There are extensive boundaries in the profession including research, services, development, design etc and there is always a constant demand for good engineers in nearly every country and more so in the IT and Electronics fields. Many do not realize there is also a need for Chartered and Incorporated Engineers.What is interesting and worth noting that unemployment ranks the lowest in this field than amongst other professions.

Engineers are needed in medical treatment, communications, leisure activities, transportation etc. Graduates with engineering degrees are needed nearly in every sector and it also adds a multitude of different job options to new graduates. Specializations can be in Software, Information, Civil, Chemical, Manufacturing, Automation to Power generation. You can choose areas in Design, production, marketing to sales to focus on. Many CEO’s have degrees in engineering’s and outnumber accountants!

Currently engineering professionals have new materials, processes and technologies making it a very exciting field to be part of. The changing world employment patterns make this a very international career. Students from Asia tend to be more visible in this field than their western counterparts and no prizes for guessing why!

While students are in high school, I recommend taking subjects from Physics, Math’s, Art, etc. in addition to English one foreign language always helps.

In the first years of the degree all students would normally study the same subjects and only specialize in the final years. Do keep in mind specialization in one field does not mean you cannot work in another profession.

Engineering degrees are available worldwide as undergraduate and postgraduate courses depending on the student’s preferences, aims and circumstances. After getting then degree you need to become a member of a professional engineering institution or to qualify for Chartered Engineering status you will need some years of training in a responsible position. In the UK the industry contributes about 40% of the gross domestic product and is therefore very important for the national economy.

Household electricians to space travel it leads to a a variety of prospects in the employment market and I cannot recommend this career enough to my young students and for once all parents nod approvingly to my choice.

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