Different Types of International Schools

There are a lot of International schools around the world with a few common traits in nearly all of them. International schools do not use the curriculum of their host country, they are internationally accredited to educate expatriates as well as local students and have a mixed faculty of teachers from all around the globe.

The most common International schools are:


    • American International Schools

These traditionally started off in the U.S but due to the curriculum, Non-Americans too were attracted by them. They provide the core curriculum for students to enter schools, universities and colleges in the U.S but since every district in U.S has their own decisions and standards, there is no existence of an “American” curriculum as such. There are 197 American schools in 138 countries which are accredited by either Middle East Association of College and Schools, New England Association of Students and Colleges or Southern Association of College and Schools.

    • Canadian International Schools

Canadian schools, like American schools, offer a curriculum of one of the provinces in Canada to expatriates and their children living abroad, with the primary purpose of preparing them for entrance into Canadian schools. Canadian curriculum adheres to student-centered methodologies. In Canada, each province decides how to offer their curriculum in an international manner. Mostly students graduating from a Canadian International School will receive a dual diploma; One from their home country and other from a Canadian province. Almost 93 schools are accredited by the Canadian Information Centre for International Curriculum.

    • British International Schools

The British still rule today with over 2,000 schools worldwide though not all of them are accredited. There is a great variance between British schools as some of them are private bodies, therefore the government has no knowledge of the quality of education in these schools; which range between poor and high. Now, the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is responsible for accrediting these schools. COBIS in collaboration with the U.K department of education ensures that British school standards are met with the standards of U.K curriculum.

    • International Schools

These schools provide multi-curriculum with a global focus whether it be American, British or Canadian. Even though all do not deliver the IB programme, they are varied just like their students.

    • IB International Schools

International Baccalaureate schools were built as part of a program which stated the need for a standardised international curriculum for all kinds of children. It currently offers almost 3,000 schools in 145 countries offering four kinds of programmes to students between the age of 3 to 19 namely; IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme and IB Career-related Certificate.

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