Desert Duning and Safaris

Due to UAE’s natural topography and climate, dune bashing, desert safaris, and off-road driving are some unique activities the residents enjoy. During the winter months, both residents and tourists go on trips that show them the marvels of the desert.

The desert at night is a wonder; the weather is crispier and much cooler than in the city, with temperatures dropping down to 3°C, and the sky can be seen without the interference of the city’s bright lights. Normally the safari/dune bashing begins during the last few hours of sunlight. The guests are gathered to a rendezvous point and packed into several 4×4 Jeeps specifically designed for the trip. The drivers are experienced and so familiar with the desert that they ensure a thrilling experience that is safe and worth repeating . Each car takes no more than four passengers and is equipped with seat belts specific to the adventure unfolding. After sliding across the all the dunes and slopes in the area, the cars then take the adventurers to the camp where the rest of the entertainment begins.

Bonfires are lit to help with the growing cold as the sun begins to drop, and some camps even offer protective tents and overnight stays. Later a buffet is opened and drinks are distributed; some camps offer alcoholic beverages so checking before booking with the camp is advised. Shisha and an authentic Arabian atmosphere are guaranteed. To make it even more thrilling sometimes a camp may offer a dancing diversion such as a belly dancer or a Tanoura show.

So if you feel the need to have fun, relax, escape the city heat, explore good food, and see a good show, just contact a specialised tour operator and you will soon be on your way to an Arabian escapade!

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