Concerts in UAE

Music in the UAE is a revolutionary experience. Radio stations of all languages and genres blast beat to your heart’s content: from classic tunes to rock and metal, from Indian songs to Persian melodies, and from dance beats to soul gratifying Sufi compositions. Every musical soul in the UAE is offered their style of music. And whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, musical centres all over the UAE encourage the youth to remain in touch with their passion for this form of art.

Nothing is bigger to a music lover than a chance to look at their musical idols performing, live and up close, in the company of thousands of fans in a concert. Concerts are quite frequent in the UAE, mostly only falling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with well-known avenues and regular visitors. Regular musical events include the yearly Dubai Jazz Festival and the Abu Dhabi Yasalam After-Race Concerts. Most concerts are announced a few months ahead of the actual event, such as Tom Jones on September 19th, and Rihanna on October 19th- both taking place in Abu Dhabi on Yas Island.

Concerts in the UAE are colourful, well organised, and bordering on magical. Several artists return to perform again in the UAE due to the vitality and excitement the crowd generally exudes the entire night. Attending a concert in the emirate you reside in or visiting is relatively easy , with transportation to take you there generally available; it’s the return trip that could prove to be problematic. Attempt to car-pool or take public transportation such as the metro- taxis may not be available or enough and if you are driving, park the car a little further from the event in order to able to leave easily later and escape the traffic. If you are however travelling to a different emirate, suggestions are made to book a hotel room for a night as most concerts end relatively quite late and you could find yourself too exhausted for a drive or cab ride home.

To find the concert dates and price tickets, it is advised to log onto the official websites for the events, such as Dubai Calendar and Yas Island Events, and make plans accordingly, but one must always remember that the sole purpose of a concert is pure excitement and fun, and at best, is one of the experiences one should never miss when visiting the UAE.

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