Common App Clinic

Get your Common Application checked by our experts before the deadline!

Filling in your grades and listing your classes when you have attended multiple schools with different education systems can be tricky.

Intelligent Partners is running a Common App Clinic for students applying to the USA for undergraduate admission. Our trained counsellors will assist students with the application and ensure that all details are fulfilled as per the University requirements.

– Which semester system should you opt for?

– What does the grading scale indicate?

– How do I list the classes I have taken?

– What constitutes an ‘honors’ class?

– What is my graduating class size?

– Do I need to provide any information about the multiple high schools I attended? How do I do so?

– Which activities should I list in my application? I have participated in more than 5 activities, how can I shortlist the important ones?

– I don’t have a school counsellor. What information do I use to fill in for counsellor details?

– How can I send in any additional recommendation letters?

– How can I send in my test scores and academic transcripts? When do I send them in?

– How can I send in my bank statements? What is the format accepted by Universities to show my financial status?

It is in your best interest to get these questions answered and get your application checked by experts to get you a step closer to an acceptance from the college of your preferred choice.

If you’re planning to apply to USA college or university, book your appointments for 23rd December OR 26th December 2015. Call us on +9714366087, +971 4 3686036 OR +971 526922531 OR mail us at marketing@intelligentpartners.com for any queries.

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