Coffee & Tea Food Festival

The International Coffee & Tea Festival, and its sister, the International Food Festival, are annual events that take place in the grand Meydan Racecourse. The events attract exhibitors from all over the region, giving them a one-time opportunity to showcase their varieties of coffee, tea, bar and café products, equipment and services.

Businesses and exhibitors set up colourful stalls in the exhibition hall and advertise their products, offering items that general masses don’t find easily.These festivals not only showcase new products but also give rise to business opportunities for those looking to expand their products and clientele. The Middle East is a great environment for a flourishing coffee and tea market because of the region’s cultural habits, with many clients preferring organic and gourmet products. The International Food Festival broadens the visitors’ palates, offering top of the range spices, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. Both festivals encourage their visitors to sample the products like , whether it’s a new goat’s cheese or espresso, and to perhaps buy something for their households or to consider it for business ventures. Several brands in the recent years have been aiming more towards organic, farm-grown products to encourage regular farmers and keep them in business, thus making their products ethical and responsible.

Visitors who would like to join the festivals simply have to register their contact information online and print the invitation sent to their email, showing it at the door. The day itself promises interesting tastes, distinct coffee flavours, and wonderful food creations.

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