Classroom skills that can be translated into Job culture

Classroom Skills

In a competitive job market, maximizing the potential of your education could give you that extra edge over others. Students need to consider which skills they learned in the classroom and how that can help them with a better job prospect in their lives later. The cultural values and practices outside the classroom also affect what happens in the classroom. Students should pay close attention to how their school or college experiences play a part in their lives by finding their own strengths and then capitalizing on those strengths. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a sister organization of Butler’s group in the US, recently unveiled a list of the most desirable skills bosses seek in potential employees.

Communication Skills:

The ability to express thoughts simply and clearly ranks at the top of the list. Most careers require interpersonal interaction, and this skill goes a long way when it comes to being creative or solving a problem, This can directly translate from Classroom to Career, for example- classroom presentations and group projects can help you develop valuable communication skills that could come in handy when selling products, running meetings, coordinating events, and developing new ideas.

Analytical Skills:

Are you detail oriented? A knack for solving problems and the ability to think logically rank high among preferred skills for applicants. Analytical skills are especially prized in professions where employees are expected to multi-task under pressure. This can also directly translate from Classroom to Career, for example- classes that promote analytical skills can help in finding solutions, analyzing data, and problem solving on-the-job. A few Education programs that can build Analytical skills are:

  • Technology Support
  • Computer Science
  • Database Technology
  • Network Administration
  • Programming and Software
  • Accounting and Finance

Teamwork Skills:

Do you work well with others? Being able to work effectively in a group is important at almost every level of employment, from upper-level management on down. This also translates from Classroom to Career. Think group projects are a waste? Think again. The skills you gain can help in managing organizations, supervising others, and delegating responsibility. A few education programs that can build teamwork skills are:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Psychology and counseling
  • Graphic Design and Multi Media
  • Public Affairs
  • Administrative support

Technical Skills:

Are you computer savvy? Jobs in the technical and science fields generally require workers who are able to keep pace with new technologies and gadgets. Being able to work with (and explain) complex systems or equipment is an invaluable tool for applicants in the eyes of employers. This also has a direct relation from Classroom to Career. Developing technical skills in the classroom can help launch a career in technology or media. Talk to working professionals or read industry web sites to make sure you’re working with current tools. That way, you’ll be able to hit the ground running from day one. Some Education programs that build Technical skills are:

  • IT and Information Systems
  • Programming and Software
  • Network Administration
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia

Strong Work Ethic:

Have you made special efforts to reach your goals? Applicants who have shown they can meet deadlines, remain committed to tasks, and handle pressure with grace are among the most highly sought after. This can directly translate from Classroom to Career. For example-taking online classes or attending night school really requires dedication and time management skills, all things that will prove useful when you have a tight deadline to meet or need to motivate others. Some Education programs that build strong ethnic work culture are:

  • Health Care Administration
  • General Nursing and Medical
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Administrative Support
  • Education and Teaching

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