Career in Computer Engineering


Dear Sir,

I am a CBSE student currently studying in Grade 12 with Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Maths as my major subjects.

I want to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering and want to work for a Electronics Company. I am also interested in doing business. Kindly advise me on the options/opportunities I have and how I can combine Computer Engineering with Business.

Thanking you,



Engineering and entrepreneurship, due to the close affinity of the two disciplines, can be a great combination for a successful career in today’s increasingly technical business environment. Sound technical knowledge and good business acumen is an unbeatable combination.

You have a couple of options you could consider. Pursue Computer Engineering as an undergraduate course followed by an MBA. This is affirmed by the latest statistics that have shown that almost 40% of MBA applicants are engineers. The MBA would complement your engineering degree by providing you management knowledge in a structured format blended with work experience in addition to the technical knowledge you have acquired through the engineering program.

Given that you have decided your career path, a dual degree is probably the a great choice as it brings together the two disciplines to give you a multidimensional education. In a double degree curriculum you will learn the various technical aspects of your chosen program through a business perspective.

In the US a double degree in Business and Engineering is offered by USC and Drexel amongst others. Through this course, you will be able to understand the functional areas of engineering along with courses such as operations management, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. Combined with the internship experience from the coop, it will give you a great head start in your career.

Career in Computer Engineering

In the UK, University of Warwick offers a degree in Engineering and Business Studies where you study engineering and technology for the first two years. In year three, you will progress to Warwick Business School to study commerce, business and management. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore both offer double degree programs in Business administration and Computer Engineering.

The career prospects in this field are quite high as there is great demand for candidates with multi-disciplinary and transferable skills. The combined degree conforms to the ‘T-shaped’ skill set much sought after by employers, where the vertical bar represents depth of knowledge and expertise in a single discipline (Computer Engineering) and the horizontal bar refers to the broad knowledge and skills to collaborate with other disciplines (Business).

Needless to say, a dual degree you will give you a wider range of career options besides equipping you with the knowledge and experience to take on roles where responsibilities are interwoven thus providing the best of both worlds for motivated individuals like you.

Being the world’s most technically proficient engineer only gets you to a mid-level point in your career. At some point, you’re going to have to manage a team of engineers and guide them towards objectives set by executives.

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